Carry a Sketchbook Everywhere You Go

But seriously, do it. Carry a sketchbook everywhere you go. It doesn't need to be a big one, you don't need special pens or pencils or erasers, just access to the sketchbook and the determination to draw, sketch, writer and allow what every's on your mind to creatively spill onto paper. I have to admit, while I do carry a sketchbook with me almost everywhere, I don't use it near enough. Some people say if you complete a task regularly, for 21 days it will ultimately become a habit while others say it upwards of 66 days! However man days it takes, encourage yourself to make some kind of mark in that book, at least once a day. Maybe create a Facebook challenge with your friends where each day together you draw a specific topic and post the a photo, or maybe even create a time, place and space where you take time for yourself to quietly draw. However you do it, just do it!

Huffington Post actually published a fun article in February featuring 9 things that happen when you take your sketchbook everywhere with you.

Speaking of SKetchbooks! Have you checked out the Sketchbook Project?? So much fun! They offer Brooklyn Based Classes as well as a variety of fun art making challenges.

What ever you do, what ever your skill level, what ever your comfort do it, get out and draw, every day. No excuses. Then see how you feel after a week, a month, a year! 

Have any thoughts or ideas? Why not talk about your own experiences in the comments below?