About Us

Integrated Creative Therapy is a center for creative expression, socialization, learning, healing and growth. Integrated Creative Therapy offers a wide variety of services including individual, couples, family and group psychotherapy, creative workshops and graphic meeting facilitation. With offices in Williamsburg Brooklyn and Nyack New York, Integrated Creative Therapy provides healing therapy and superior creative services to New Yorkers from the five boroughs to the the Hudson Valley.  

"If the subconscious is a room filled with thoughts, feelings and memories then creativity is the door that opens slowly allowing for the integration of realization, understanding, acceptance and healing."

ICT Creative Director Matthew Nahoum,LCAT, ATR-BC

Our Director 

Integrated Creative Therapy’s Clinical Director and primary therapist Matthew Nahoum is a graduate of the prestigious Pratt Institute’s Art Therapy and Creative Development master’s program. He is a New York State licensed, nationally registered and board certified Creative Art Psychotherapist. Utilizing and integration of verbal psychotherapy, creative arts therapy and mindfulness, Matthew creates a safe and supportive environment where clients are free to express thoughts and feelings as well as navigate their way to a happy and successful life.

In addition to his role as Integrated Creative Therapy’s Creative Director, Matthew works as a Recovery Specialist and Creative Art Therapist at Supportive Services Agency, Community Access's East Village Access P.R.O.S. program where he utilizes his understanding of healing through metaphor to facilitate Coping Skills Training, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Harm Reduction and Self-Determination driven groups in an this dynamic outpatient treatment facility. Matthew is also an adjunct professor at The Pratt Institute, is a working artist, writer and competitive cyclist/athlete. 

Matthew works with people of all ages and backgrounds, treating each individual in a very unique and personal way. A safe space is created and held offering clients an environment conducive to healing.  


- New York State Licensed Creative Arts Therapist (LCAT License number 001903-1 State of New York)

- Nationally Registered, Board Certified Art Therapist (ATR-BC Art Therapy Credentials Board, Inc. Registration number 16-169)

- Master of Professional Studies (MPS) in Art Therapy and Creative Development from the Pratt Institute, graduated with distinguished honors and awarded the Pratt Circle Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement.

- Bachelor's Degree in (BS) Business from the State University College of New York at Oneonta

Additional Training and Certifications

The American Art Therapy's July 2016 "Featured Member"

Graphic Facilitator - Drawing out People, Crowley and Co. 2013


Integrated Creative Therapy at Berry Acupuncture Studio

225 Berry Street Brooklyn New York 11249

Located in the heart of New York City's most trendy and  sought after neighborhoods. Located in Williamsburg Brooklyn and nestled between art galleries, boutiques and top rated restaurants, Integrated Creative Therapy has partnered with Berry Acupuncture Studio to provide a 360 degree approach to healing. Blueberry Holistic Studio  is a healing space that facilitates a patient to feel empowered and reclaim his or her health and who's mission is to provide affordable alternative/complimentary healthcare. We strive to embody compassion and empathy while providing a comfortable, calm, and peaceful atmosphere in the mist of a wild, chaotic city.

Berry's director, Denise Stypulkowski, is a nationally board certified and state licensed acupuncturist and graduate from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. She gained valuable experience working with NYU's 'Initiative for Women with Disabilities' as well as assisting in Mount Sinai/Beth Israel’s clinical trials for the effectiveness of community acupuncture on chronic pain. She was also the recipient of the Janet Tsai Memorial Scholarship in 2014 for her interest and commitment to women's health and women with disabilities.

With a grasp and respect for Western Medicine, Denise treats her patients with empathy and respect while attempting to ease the emotional, social, and psychological burden illness has. By using Chinese Medicine, she helps a patient not only feel better, but also heal faster in order to regain control in their lives.

Blueberry Holistic Studio's mission is to provide affordable alternative/complimentary healthcare to the diverse population in NYC by offering Acupuncture, Yoga and Therapy together in one place. In order to discuss any questions or concerns you may have about acupuncture and if it is the right choice for you, call 646-243-8430 and schedule a free consultation. 

Integrated Creative Therapy, Hudson Valley                       

48 Burd Street Suite 300 Nyack New York 10960

Just 20 miles from New York City, Nyack is known for its scenic views of the Hudson River, thriving nightlife, culinary wonders and plentiful art galleries. Integrated Creative Therapy is located right in the center of everything right on Nyack’s Main Street. With a large, welcoming and comfortable space, clients are made at home and encouraged to express, create and participate.